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Otherwise, they will believe my adopted sisters words and I’ll get punished for it. She obviously told them but I denied what I said. I normally don’t lie so they believed my words and are now talking to her, obviously without being harsh and will still not punish her because god forbid they treat my adopted sister wrongly. Culture Family Motherhood Reddit Adoption A woman has taken to Reddit to share why she had threatened a restraining order against her sister—and the internet has rallied around her in support.Oct 06, 2021 · AITA Revealing My Pregnancy At A Family Funeral? r/AITA. r/AITA in today's reddit story, OP had recently got pregnant but her husband's Brother has been ill and passed away recently, during the wake sister calls her pregnancy out even though OP was trying to hide it, this upset the family and she's told to leave. This probably sounds like the understatement of the year, but things tend to get complicated when it comes to adoption.. And this story from the "Am I the A**hole?" page on Reddit is a real whopper.. This person has some regrets about the way she treated her sister about the kids she gave up for adoption and now they wanted to know if they acted like a jerk.AITA for not going to my sisters graduation? I have just moved to another state with my partner. Before I left, my sister kept reminding me how her graduation was on the 20th and how she wants me to come back down for her graduation. AITA for telling my adopted sister that I've always hated her in public? Other. Ok, this might sound bad but honestly I think I'm in the right here. Some background. So me m19 and this girl (let's call her S) f19 have known each other since we were kids. Long story short, she had some family issues so she started living with my family when she ...