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An ambient temperature, electrochemical synthesis of ammonia is an attractive alternative approach, but has, to date, not been achieved at high efficiency. We report in this work the use of ionic liquids that have high N 2 solubility as electrolytes to achieve high conversion efficiency of 60% for N 2 electro-reduction to ammonia on a ...A)30°C B)55°C C)90°C D)120°C 10.The graph below represents the heating curve of a substance that starts as a solid below its freezing point. What is the melting point of this substance? A)334 J B)1670 J C)2260 J D)11 300 J 11.What is the total number of joules released when a 5.00-gram sample of water changes from liquid to solid at 0°C? A temperature, the ammonia content can increase by a factor of two or three in several hours. Therefore, it is important to both keep the specimen cold (on ice) and perform the analysis as soon as possible. If the sample cannot be analyzed quickly, it may be frozen (-20 °C). The ammonia content of To increase the rate of ammonia synthesis to produce the necessary amount of product, the temperature must be raised to the range of 400 - 500°C, with pressure increased to 15 - 25 MPa to compensate for the high temperature. The Haber process also relies on heated ironIn my physics class our teacher was talking about finding the equation for water density in relation to degrees Celsius. I looked it up and found the graph, but The first is fairly intuitive, the thermal expansion of water with increasing temperature. As we add greater thermal energy to the system, the...Commercially, ammonia is made by combining free nitrogen and hydrogen gases under high pressure and temperature in the presence of a catalyst. The process most commonly used is the Harber-Bosch method. Anhydrous ammonia is the liquid form of pure ammonia gas, technically water-free, and the substance used universally as an industrial refrigerant.