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diet, please follow the detailed list, which addi-tionally takes histamine liberators into consid-eration for histamine intolerance. The compatibility is highly dependent on the References: • Experience reports from among our members and readers • Various patient leaflets from doctors, clinics and...Fertility Diet Flat Belly Diet The Flexitarian Diet GAPS Diet Gluten-Free Diet Glycemic-Index Diet HMR Program Intermittent Fasting Jenny Craig Diet Keto Diet Low FODMAP Diet Macrobiotic Diet Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet) Mayo Clinic Diet Mediterranean Diet MIND Diet Modified Keto Diet Noom...Some people find that following a low-histamine diet can help reduce allergy symptoms. A study by researchers at the Dermatologic and Pediatric Allergy Clinic in Vienna put 45 people with allergy-like symptoms on a histamine-free diet. After four weeks, symptoms significantly improved in 33 people...a liquid diet. Advance your diet to soft foods as able. The following suggestions can help minimize symptoms: 1. Drink enough fluids to prevent dehydration. Dehydration can increase symptoms of nausea. Sip liquids steadily throughout the day; don’t gulp. For most adults, fluid needs are 6-10 cups or 1500-2400 ml per day. 115. Behrendt H., Ring J. Histamine, antihistamines and atopic eczema. Clin Exp Allergy. 1990;20 (Suppl 4): 25-30. Treatment of itching in atopic eczema with antihistamines with a low sedative profile.Histamine intolerance usually results from a disequilibrium of the capacity for histamine degradation and accumulated histamine. About 1% of the population experiences histamine intolerance, either due to a lack of enzymes necessary to remove histamine from the system or unusually high levels of...